Maximising coking plant productivity and boosting profits for more than 35 years

My name is Rudolf Lesch.


Every project is different, of course. But in general you can say I help top performers from the steel industry implement stamp charging technology in order to:

  • maximise efficiency
  • boost productivity and
  • generate more profits

I know what kind of problems the steel industry is facing and I help solving these problems. I’ve been working in the coking industry for more than 35 years:


I was born in 1957 and after my apprenticeship as an electrician I started with the studies of the Process Engineering.


In 1980 I got my engineer’s degree and was working for 20 years as coke making engineer at the former coking plant “Fürstenhausen”, a Stamp Charge Coke oven plant.


After Fürstenhausen had been closed, I worked in the field of engineering, especially for Stamp Charge Technology as well as European specialist welding engineer.


In my team there are also the top performers from the former “SAARBERG INTERPLAN” implemented and I have strong connections to specialist companies and universities.


The experiences in decades as a real coke maker with knowledge in engineering are providing the basis of our COMPETENCE and of our KNOW-HOW.


Our motto:

A successful mix of practical experience and theory brings forward a special quality, competence is our profession!



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