This is how we can help you

Almost 4 decades of experience in coke making taught us a lot about the problems every coke maker is facing.


My network of experts and I are problem solvers. This is what we can do for you:


Our consulting services:

  • Pollution control
    Learn how to meet even the strictest environmental standards.
  • Coal compacting
    Increased density of the coal = your economical benefit
  • Coal preparation
    Learn how to optimize your carbonisation even without high quality coal.
  • Conversion from Top to Stamp Charging
    Reduce your coke costs up to 35 %, Improve your coke quality, yield of coke Improvement and overall blast furnace productivity.
  • Tender Preparation
  • Project management
    Implementation of new standards takes time, know-how and experience. We’re happy to help you with all of that.


More detailed examples of our services

  • Coal Selection and blend design for non-recovery and slot oven coke making.
    Research on carbonization behaviour of coal in non-recovery and slot oven coke making
  • Prediction of coke quality for non-recovery and slot oven coke making
  • Studies:
    • Preliminary Studies
    • Engineering Studies
    • HAZOP Studies for the machinery coal and coke side
  • Reports:
    • Feasibility Reports
    • Project Reports
  • Design of Door- and Frame Cleaner
  • Design of Sealing Frame
  • Aid in the field of using High Pressure Liquid Aspiration System
  • Consulting in the field of Automation, Data Communication, Positioning systems, Coke Oven Temperature measurement and improvement measures
  • Implementing measures to increase quality
  • Maintenance planning and management
  • Supply of spares and wears
  • Training