Facts about coke quality

Data from German Blast Furnace
Data from German Blast Furnace

For an efficient blast furnace operation with high coal injection rates, blast furnace coke has to meet special quality requirements regarding its properties as support for the burden and as reducing agent.


The quality requirements differ between the countries due to the coal basis available for coke production, the figures shown are considered as a kind of minimum quality standard especially when a large capacity blast furnace is operated with the coke.

  • The coke quality (CSR, CRI) has improved tremendously
  • Cost saving: The operation cost of stamp charged coke oven batteries are approx. 35% lower than in top charged coke oven batteries.
  • Increase of blast furnace coke yield
  • Increase of productivity of the blast furnace

These are the words of Dr. Amit Chatterjee, Senior Advisor, TATA Steel Top Management. Some years after incorporation of stamp charging in their steel works in Jamshedpur, India.