Flexible options to meet your individual needs

My Consulting Company proposes very flexible and customized options for implementing stamp charging technology: 

  • Installation of stamp charging facilities for existing operating coke batteries (new coal hopper with conveyor supply of coal blend, stationary stamping stations and charging cars or stamping-charging-pushing machines SCPM are installed at the pusher side of coke battery).

    In this case, installation of new stamping equipment, coal tower/coal hopper, oven machines and other auxiliary facilities are constructed on free space of end sides of the coke battery. At the same time the coke battery continues to be in operation.

    After installation and starting-up and adjustment operation, these new facilities are being put into operation and the coke battery begins to operate in the new charging way.

    Due to savings from coal blend cost decreasing, coke production and other economic advantages and benefits from stamp charging technology implementation, the simple payback period amounts to 1.5 – 2.0 years (taking into account conditions for any specific case).

    Later on, when old coke battery is fully worn out and deteriorated and has to be put out of operation, a new coke battery is to be constructed on the same place but existing stamping facilities and machines are still available and there is no need for their construction.

    It reduces drastically investment costs and construction time. Payback period is also reduced.
  • Installation of stamp charging facilities for new coke batteries:
    • option with stationary stamping stations and separate oven service machines
    • option with stamping-charging-pushing machines (SCPM)
    • option with new coal tower and coal hopper located on SCPM
    • option with conveyor belt supply of coal blend to coal hopper of stationary stamping stations.